Academic English Programme

Overview of Academic English Programme

Our two unique English programmes are designed to complement, extend and enrich—but not repeat—the humanities curricula taught in schools. The Academic English Programme offers an intense and challenging pathway to advanced all-round language capability.

Our academic programmes draw on the uniquely rich traditions of education in England’s top academic schools and universities.

The underlying principles of our syllabus, and the practices we use to teach it, are also reflections of the specific educational backgrounds of each group of students that come to learn with us. 

For many years we have worked closely with local teachers, witnessed the changing landscape of international education, and developed an Academic English Programme composed equally of tradition and innovation. The Academic English Programme offers students advanced skills, challenging them to:

  • Unlock and develop their perspectives on the world
  • Open new horizons of thought
  • Attain a deeper consciousness of the way things are

Students will benefit from a close relationship with their teacher in small classes, typically of up to a dozen students. A wide variety of innovative student-focussed tasks and activities will engage learners with complex ideas, requiring them to work at the height of their potential—and beyond.

The skills and knowledge offered by the Academic English Programme stand at the very centre of academic study in any subject. In this intensive academic course, students will be immersed in the following key language learning tasks:

  • Increasing the clarity, accuracy and fluency of spoken presentation

  • Proposing and defending solid, persuasive arguments

  • Communicating creatively and appropriately in a variety of social contexts

  • Developing a keen sensitivity to the richness of words and style

  • Expanding the breadth and depth of personal vocabulary

  • Enhancing sophisticated essay-building skills as well as creative writing

  • Stimulating consciousness of English as a global language

  • Producing critical thinking and self-awareness

  • Building self-confidence and appreciating the responsibilities of peer support

  • Engaging with the liberal studies of art, literature and politics

Programme Highlights

  • Study Skills Workshop
  • Cambridge Style Lectures
  • Cambridge Admissions Advice
  • Interview Technique Workshop
  • Choral Evensong
  • Parliamentary and Social Debating
  • Academic Presentation
  • Concert and Formal Dinner



    • Sandringham, The Queen’s Summer Residence
    • Cambridge Museums
    • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
    • Cambridge Shakespeare Festival
    • King’s College Chapel
    • Punting on the River Cam


    Programme Details

    The Academic English Programme aims to develop students’ knowledge, skill and understanding of the following key areas:

    Creating clear and thoughtful written arguments – most of our students will go on to pursue successful university careers. In anticipation, we guide each student in the conventions of academic written composition, helping them to construct an argument in clear, simple and grammatically correct English that will help them to attain the highest qualifications possible in future years.

    Delivering incisive spoken presentations – whether at university or in the wider professional world, students will need to perfect the art of the spoken presentation. By preparing basic group presentations, delivering them to their classmates, and receiving and offering feedback, students will develop the skill of communicating information succinctly whilst engaging the interest of an audience. 

    Debating critically on current world topics – students will learn the techniques of debating from Cambridge-style seminars in small groups led by their teacher and mentors. By discussing important – and often divisive – world issues, students will develop the skills of verbal argument within a respectful atmosphere of goodwill and partnership.

    Reading accurately and efficiently – teachers will enable students to tackle a range of literary and factual texts including newspaper articles, short stories and texts encountered in everyday life. Students will enjoy a range of task-based activities which will help them to extract general themes as well as specific information expressed in a variety of writing styles. 

    Conversing fluently and respectfully in different social contexts – as well as the academic skills of written and spoken communication, students will develop the ability to sustain natural dialogues with each other. Whether in the formal contexts of speaking in real-life situations or amongst friends, students will learn to gauge their vocabulary and phrasing to match a range of social occasions.

    Developing a self-critical awareness – key to students’ ongoing development will be the cultivation of a capacity to check, correct and refine their language skills. Working closely with their teachers and mentors, students will be helped towards achieving the confidence to help themselves – and each other – along the journey to fluency.

    Date, Fees and Registration


    The 2018 Programme runs from Sunday 29th July - Saturday 11th August 2018 in Churchill College


    GBP £3,988. This covers:

    • Tuition and Teaching Materials
    • Accommodation
    • All Meals, including lunches
    • Cost of visits and travel to and from the airport

    It does not cover air-fares, travel insurance or pocket money.


    • Admission to the Academic English Programme is limited to students aged 12-17 years.
    • In some circumstances, we may ask for the applicant to provide a reference from the school and a copy of their latest school report.
    • Students from one of our participating schools should apply via their school. (Please follow the School’s own timetable for Applications).
    • For individual applications not linked with our participating schools, please download an Application Form below and return it to us by 1st March 2018.

    Download Application Form


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