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Cambridge Programmes has delivered best-in-class residential summer schools for over 15 years. Find out more about our origins, mission and ethos below.

history and background

Cambridge Programmes was established in 2004 as a natural progression to Cambridge Guardians in order to help a much greater number of students experience English academic culture in more depth with an emphasis on Cambridge. Mrs Clarke’s husband, Peter and her son, Charles are both Cambridge graduates and members of Churchill College. It was here that Mr Clarke received his degree in Engineering; and Charles his degree, reading Chinese and Land Economy.

Mr Clarke, a Chartered Engineer, went on to take an MBA in Finance from Manchester Business School, and an MSc in Renewable Energy from Loughborough University. Indeed renewable energy is one of the themes of the Cambridge Science Programme. After a career in industry and banking over 25 years, Mr Clarke left the City of London to join the University of Cambridge, prior to becoming the Bursar of an independent school. He is also a former Treasurer of the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS). This is an organisation, promoting the welfare of international students, which was co-founded by Cambridge Guardians and is supported by the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

Cambridge Programmes’ Director, Mrs Rebecca Clarke, has helped hundreds of overseas students since 1995 by acting as their Legal Guardian while they are being educated at U.K. Boarding schools. Mrs Clarke has often been instrumental in helping parents identify the most suitable school for their children since she has deep understanding and knowledge of the U.K. education system. These students continue on to the best U.K. universities.

Mrs Clarke has also worked in the Bursary at Girton College, the Conference Office and the Admissions Office at Sidney Sussex College, constituent parts of Cambridge University. Indeed, it is this hands-on experience coupled with her earlier career as Vice-President of an international bank in Hong Kong that gives Mrs Clarke her particular ability to set up and manage a successful Summer Programme, enabling young people to have a unique taste of Cambridge University life.

Cambridge Mentors

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cambridge programmes Teaching Staff

All our teaching staff are drawn either from the University of Cambridge or top UK independent schools. Our staff are carefully selected to reflect both their subject expertise and their ability and experience in communicating effectively with students whose first language may not be English.


  • What makes Cambridge Programmes so unique is that we have a brilliant Mentoring system. Each Mentor looks after, on average, only six participants.
  • Mentors are Cambridge-educated graduates and undergraduates carefully chosen to look after, teach and arrange educational and fun activities for our participants.
  • Not only are our Mentors academically brilliant, they are talented in music, sport, drama and debate and are therefore true “Role Models” for our participants over the two weeks.
  • Many of them have teaching experience already either in the UK or overseas. The Mentors we choose are simply the best. They are amongst the brightest and the most accomplished students at this top university.

our Organisational structure


The Cambridge Programmes team is composed of an executive core supported by Directors of Study for each programme. Mentors, carefully selected every year, are responsible for students’ academic and pastoral well-being.

Rebecca Clarke

FRSA Director

Peter Clarke

MA (Cantab),
MBA, MSc, CEng Director

Chris Green

Deputy Director, MA 

(St Andrews) PGCE

Dr Freya Rock

Director of Studies for Law Induction

PhD (Cantab)

Dr kourosh saeb-parsy

Director of Studies for Medicine Programme, MA, MB, BChir, PhD, FRCS

Michelle Fox

Senior Programme Dean


Dr Tom Tyson

Director of Studies for History

PhD (Cantab)

Our Mentors

Our Mentors

Our Mentors are Undergraduates and Graduates carefully selected from a competitive field of the top students at Cambridge University. Some of our Mentors are Music Scholars from King’s College or Trinity College. Some play sport at the highest level and are awarded Cambridge Blues.

Many of these Mentors have already had solid teaching experience. All are experts in their respective disciplines which are tailored to suit each Programme. They provide teaching and pastoral care to our students 24/7. One mentor typically looks after six students throughout the Programme. They are the perfect role models for our students.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is such an important aspect of our Programme that we have an experienced Matron in College to look after our students’ needs in case they are unwell.

Our Teachers

Our Teachers

We have a committed group of passionate subject teachers on our Staff from the top academic schools in and around Cambridge as well as distinguished lecturers from Cambridge and other Universities.

Supplementing such brilliant morning lessons with afternoon “supervisions” from Cambridge Undergraduates is our model for superb learning to inspire our students.


Rachel Kwan

I am writing to express my gratitude for helping us prepare this wonderful Cambridge programme. Thank you for arranging this trip for the whole grade. We all learnt a lot of from it. Not only did we experience something we cannot try in Hong Kong like punting, but also we learnt a lot about history, science and more.

I still remembered the first day when we had lessons, I wasn’t looking forward to learning History at all. I knew that out of all the lessons we are going to have, this is the worst. Little did I know that right after my first lesson, it immediately became my favourite. I never noticed that the Second World War could be so interesting! Apart from History lesson, we learnt how to do graffiti in Art, Physics, Biology and Chemistry in Science and poems in English lesson. We had so much fun and learnt new knowledge from every lesson.

Half of the programme, we had different lessons. But the other half, we had fun activities. We visited the historical Kings Chapel. Outside, it might seem like a castle that is covered with spider webs but trust me, inside, it looks magnificent! Then, we went punting. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty windy. Besides that, everything else was perfect. Afterwards, we went to England’s largest zoo! There are all kinds of animals in there! Flamingos, lions, giraffes… You name it, they have it! Cambridge is filled with fun places to go, great places to shop, and the best places to learn!

Finally, I want to thank you again for all your help for organising this awesome event for us. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to go there!


Ben Kwan, parent

The program really has been fantastic.  Rachel enjoyed it so much and when we went there to pick up the students, we can see that all of them were so happy and excited about everything!  Apart from the fun and joy, most importantly, my wife and I can see that the program has been pretty transformative and gave Rachel a very positive development.  She has learnt a lot and had some very good exposure, both to the University and places, and most importantly to the quality mentors, teachers and people there.  She tells us that she likes History a lot now and she even starts to set up ambitious goals for herself!  She has just written down a plan for her future and asked Connie and I for comments last night!  This is almost the thing that we want from her the most since a long time ago – think for herself about her future and work hard on it!!

Shirashankari Kathirgamalingam

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to study at Cambridge for two weeks.  I have learnt so much and had an amazing time.  I really am so appreciative of the enormous amount of work you both put into this programme and I am so grateful that I have this opportunity.  All the best for the future – thank you once again for making this experience possible !

Cici Zhao

Thank you so much for making everything possible and all the things you have done for us (including talking to us some “interesting” stuffs from Bletchley Park). Cambridge Summer Programme will make an unforgettable part of my life. I have not only learnt extra knowledge, but also how to socialise and the importance of thinking skills.  The teacher and mentors have been amazing, at the same time inspiring all of us. Hope the programme will become even better year by year.

Aleina Li

Thank you so much for organising the Cambridge Programmes. It was honestly one of the best fortnights of my life.

Fiona Ma, parent
After the Science Programme this summer there is a step change in Sophia’s interest in Science and her aspiration now is to become a doctor, so when she turns 15 she could come to the medicine program!
Hazel Lai, parent
Thanks again for arranging this high quality summer programme. And also thanks a lot for the care and guidance from the high quality mentors. It’s an invaluable experience for Sarah indeed!
Rebecca Zhou
I found that the medical programme was really practical. I love it. It stresses thinking, not just giving us random facts … we learned to think.


Cheung Kai Hei Trevor
A multitude of experiments were conducted, most of which were special and intriguing. For instance, in biology lessons, we were requested to extract our own DNA, which was a white spinning solid floating on a mixture of brine and liquid detergent. Slime was also made during chemistry lessons, demonstrating the cross-linking between polymers, which was also fun as the product resembled a bouncy ball.

The Cambridge programme also comprised other activities, including mock interview, visits to various museums and observatories and the highlight – forensic investigation. We were all ears when the professor unveiled the whole mystery to us one week later, and felt enlightened by this case.

All in all, the Cambridge programme was fun, thought-provoking and allowed us to have a taste of British culture, which could not be experienced in Hong Kong.

Kam Chun Kei
The two-week stay in Cambridge was one of the most fruitful experiences of my life. Not only did it consolidate my understanding of Science, it also broadened my horizons and inspired me to explore Science from a different angle. In particular, my passion for Biology was ignited.

Apart from learning new knowledge, I made life-long friends and formed long-lasting relationships with some mentors. We learnt together, we played together, we laughed together…

Chung Mung Tim
Our curious hearts were delighted by the Cambridge learning style so different from HK. Instead of looking at diagrams in textbooks, we sliced open a pig heart on our own and looked at its structure. To learn about DNA structures and the logical scientific way of thinking, we tried to solve a murder..

During our fourteen days in Cambridge, we learnt new things, had fun, made friends, grew more mature and developed more skills in problem-solving—overcoming difficulties and accepting challenges. The two weeks are not only a lesson in science, but also a significant step in life

Pang Tsz Ching
In Hong Kong, many students are stressed when studying Science. Like myself, I tended to rely on the school syllabus and paid more attention to revising than learning something new. However, after the two-week stay in Cambridge, I regained my curiosity for Science.

Instead of passive learning in the classroom, this programme enabled us to explore more by ourselves by exposing us to environments full of new things. For example, Dr. Elliot, a professor at the university, granted us the chance to be a detective in the activity ‘The Horrible Hypothesis’. We were encouraged to solve the murder mystery using forensic investigation skills that we just learnt.

We also have lots of opportunity to do experiments and take an active role in learning. In Biology, we were each given a sheep’s heart to dissect. When I asked what the correct way of doing so is, our teacher replied with a simple but inspirational answer, ‘This is what Science is all about. You need to find out by yourself to experience the joy of science.’

Although our time in Cambridge was short, my passion for science was rekindled in the learner-friendly environment there. It was definitely a journey that we all can never forget.

Constantly pursuing excellence

Our high standards are upheld and promoted by our staff and mentors. If you believe you have what it takes to foster excellence, drop us a line!

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