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Cambridge Programmes provides a unique, diverse and enriching summer school for aspirational students aiming for world-class universities.

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A range of subjects for all academic pursuits

Cambridge Programmes offer five tailored courses to help students take their first steps in their academic or professional career.

Students on the Programme can choose from two-week courses in the following areas:

  • English Literature – A programme which takes students on a penetrating journey through the history and techniques of prose, poetry and drama.

  • Academic English – A programme which offers an intense and challenging pathway to advanced all-round language capability.

  • Science – A programme designed to nurture and promote interest in all scientific disciplines, with a focus on developing scientific skills and experimental work.

  • Law Induction – A programme which offers students an introduction to the law, both as an academic subject and a profession, and teaches students crucial debating and interview skills.

  • Medicine Programme – Students on the Cambridge Medicine Programme will undertake all their practical hands-on investigations as an integral part of this  unique experience.


More information about the individual programmes can be found under the ‘Programmes’ section of the website.

Cambridge Senior Programme

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a truly magical environment

Singularly beautiful and historic, the city of Cambridge is the ideal location for an inspirational summer programme.

Participants benefit not only from being in the heart of one of England’s most renowned cities; they receive extensive and rigorous tuition and support from the staff and mentors from the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Junior Programme

Cambridge Programmes also offer a special course designed specifically for younger students (11 or 12). The course aims to foster independence, a passion for learning and a sense of curiosity; all whilst offering a fun and enjoyable learning experience.


Hear what students are saying about us!

Law and Medicine are not offered, really, as programmes in any capacity at school … I thought it would be really worthwhile to do something that I was considering maybe studying but have never been exposed to.


Law Programme

All the classes were so fun. Of course, I’d expected them to be amazing, but the really high quality did pleasantly surprise me.


English Literature Programme

I found that the medical programme was really practical. I loved it. It stresses thinking, not just giving us random facts … we learned to think.


Medicine Programme

I think the course has definitely motivated me to apply to the UK. I’ve always had a dream of going to Oxford or Cambridge … this has helped me realise how much I do enjoy life in the UK as well as seeing Cambridge and the wonderful facilities here helps me understand how good it would be to apply.


Science Programme


cambridge programmes


Our ability to deliver the highest quality of teaching is based on the calibre of our Cambridge Mentors: students and staff from the University of Cambridge who bring the dream to life.

Meet the Team

Our team started in 2004 with the knowledge, passion and wisdom of Rebecca and Peter Clarke. Since then, Cambridge Programmes has become one of the most successful and well-established summer schools in the UK. Rebecca and Peter continue to steer the project to greater heights, and are supported by a growing team of professionals and cutting-edge academics.

Rebecca Clarke

FRSA Director

Peter Clarke

MA (Cantab),
MBA, MSc, CEng Director

Chris Green

Deputy Director of Cambridge Programmes

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