Law Induction

13 DAY COURSE | 2-15 JULY 2023

During our fourteen days in Cambridge, we learnt new things, had fun, made friends, grew more mature and developed more skills in problem-solving—overcoming difficulties and accepting challenges.


About Law in Cambridge

English law has been widely adopted as a benchmark and firm foundation for a just and effective legal system. On the 800th anniversary of the signing of the famous Magna Carta in 1215, which laid out the ground rules, Cambridge Programmes introduced its Law Induction Programme which offers students an introduction to the law, both as an academic subject and a profession, and teaches students crucial debating and interview skills.

Singularly beautiful and historic, Cambridge is the perfect location for an inspirational summer programme. Churchill College, where the Programme is based, is one of the thirty-one Colleges which make up Cambridge University. Thirty of its members have won Nobel Prizes. While the College has a focus on Science and Technology its distinguished Fellows also include world renowned experts on Legal and Political Philosophy.

The Law Induction Programme offers an overview of the common and civil law legal systems and an introduction to the subjects of constitutional law, contract law, tort law and criminal law. Students will benefit from interview and debating skills training and educational visits. They will also be given guidance from a Cambridge University law student on applying to study law at university and what it is like to study law at Cambridge University. Practising legal professionals will give the students careers advice on the different legal career options, for example careers as a barrister and solicitor.

Director of Studies

Dr. Tom Hawker-Dawson | Director of Studies for the Law Programme


Dr Tom Hawker-Dawson is an experienced law tutor who has worked with Cambridge Programmes for several years.

Tom Hawker-Dawson is a College Lecturer in Law and Fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge.  Tom’s research interests lie in Criminal Law and Criminology, with a focus on sentencing in theory, law and practice. His doctoral work examines communication in the sentencing remarks of Crown Court judges, and the impact of video-link technology and other recent reforms. Tom supervises undergraduate students in Criminal Law and Criminology, Sentencing and the Penal System, and is also the Director of Studies in Law for Parts IA and IB.





Fees and Registration

2023 Cohort | 2 – 15 July 2023


GBP £5,488. This covers:

  • Tuition and Teaching Materials
  • Accommodation
  • All Meals, including lunches
  • Cost of visits and travel to and from the airport

It does not cover air-fares, travel insurance or pocket money.


  • Admission to the Law Induction Programme is for students in Form 3 or Year 9 upwards.
  • In some circumstances, we may ask for the applicant to provide a reference from the school and a copy of their latest school report.
  • Students from one of our participating schools should apply via their school. (Please follow the School’s own timetable for Applications).

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